About the art

About the Art

Aron Rossman-Kiss

Aron Rossman-Kiss is a young visual artist based in Geneva. Using mainly analog photography, video and text, his current work focuses on sociopolitical and identity-related issues. In addition to his artistic work, he pursues studies in cultural Anthropology.

About the work

“Transeuropean media route” is a part of Borders’ land, an ongoing series of works started in 2013 that deal with European borders and the complex realities produced by them. Through immersive fieldwork and the use of analog photography, it hopes to present a nuanced and holistic picture of these situations. Visually, the approach is an attempt to go beyond the conventional photo reportage and pays special attention to the geography – man made or natural – and hors champ surrounding the scenes.

Bissane Al Charif

Bissane Al Charif: born in Paris 1977. In 2001 she graduated from the faculty of Architecture in Damascus university. Then studied Set Designing (Scenography) in the Department of Graduate Studies at the School of Architecture in Nantes and graduated in 2005. She was lucky to be guided and trained by passionate and experienced professors in theatre, cinema, exhibitions and museums designing. and she tried to use this different skills that She obtained from studying and works experiences in different art fields. this background enables her to work on individual experiences such as designing exhibitions and artistic installation, or as a part of collective artists as a theatre designer. In 2005 bissane went back to Syria to start working at Damascus Opera House as a scenographer. in the same time she created Scenography designes for big events and theatre Shows in Damascus; she also worked as a set decoration in many cinema movies. Bissane born in France for Palestinian parents and grown in Syria. This different culture sources enrich her artistic view, and gave her unique artistic vision appeared clearly in her working style. Which gave her the opportunity to work in middle east and Europe. Since 2013, she lives in France and work as an independent scenographer and artist. And now she is working on artistic installation, called Memoire (S) des Femmes, "Women memories ", trying to develop her skills in the field of art-media.

About the work

WOMEN MEMORIES is the title of a documentary installation including videos, photographs and sound material. The project is based on documentations and memory, memory of people and places of memory. The installation follows the journey of several displaced Syrian and Palestinian-Syrian women or rather exiled in Arab countries or in Europe, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. Women memories tell the story of the loss of a “home” and recount the painful journeys of these women. Questioning the time of departure, the road to the new place. A project by Bissane Al Sharif, Image, sound, editing by Simon Pochet & Bissane Al Charif  with the artistic collaboration of Wael Ali. Produced with the help of Inediz, British Council, Young Arab Theatre Fund, Ettijahat

Joel Bergner

Joel Bergner (aka Joel Artista) is an artist, educator and organizer of public arts-based social action initiatives with youth and communities around the world. He works in acrylic and aerosol, creating elaborate paintings and public murals that explore social topics and reflect a wide array of artistic influences. Joel has facilitated community mural projects in refugee camps, juvenile detention centers, shantytowns and marginalized neighborhoods across the US, Latin America, Africa, Europe, India and the Middle East. For each project, he partners with local residents and organizations to give a platform to people in highly challenging circumstances to advocate for issues that are important to them, learn valuable skills and uplift their environment through public art. These projects have featured partnerships with dozens of local and international institutions, including UNICEF, Mercy Corps and the Open Society Initiative of Eastern Africa. His work has been published in several books and has been covered by various media outlets including Al Jazeera, NPR and Reuters. Joel is now partnering with fellow artist Max Frieder to found the Artolution, a network of community-based public art initiatives around the world led by local artists and educators, communicating with one another through the arts. Joel was raised in central Illinois and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He enjoyed art from a young age, but also pursued his interest in community work, leading him to positions working with the mentally ill, the homeless and as a counselor for youth in treatment for emotional disturbance. Over time, he experimented with ways to bring his two passions together, leading to his current direction.

About the work

Visit Joel’s website www.joelartista.com to check out photos, videos and stories from his global projects.