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The first of its kind at Harvard

The first of its kind at Harvard University, the Refugees and Education Conference will delve into one of the most pertinent issues of our time. The brutal civil war in Syria has increased the already significant flow of refugees around the world. Millions are making the precarious journey to neighboring countries and across the Mediterranean in overcrowded rickety boats or are choosing ever more dangerous routes by land in search of more stable and secure lives on the European continent. As a result, host countries in Middle East are facing a significant burden and the European governments are struggling to cope with the influx.


A one day conference

Refugees and Education: Confronting the Crisis, is a one-day event that strives to engage researchers, practitioners and policymakers from Europe, the Middle East and the US in constructive dialogue about the global response to the refugee crisis. It aims to address issues of education in emergencies, overburdened systems in neighboring countries and the European response to refugees’ educational ambitions and needs.


Attend and be inspired

We strive not only to offer a space for rich discussion but also to serve as a call to action and a springboard for possible solutions. These goals are embedded within a larger Harvard-wide effort to influence policy, foster dialogue, raise funds and advocate for Syrian refugees under the umbrella of the Harvard Coalition for Syrian Refugees. This coalition is supported by the Harvard Middle East Initiative and is comprised of members from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Law School, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Business School, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard College.


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